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Hannah Karpenko (she/they) is a queer actress based in Brooklyn and Washington DC who was born and raised in Rochester, NY.  She got her BFA in Musical Theatre from Nazareth College and from there, she joined the PTC at Actors Theatre of Louisville.  Then she packed two suitcases (because she used all of her savings to pay for a month and a half of rent in Bushwick and couldn't afford more than 2 suitcases. iykyk.) and moved to New York.


Some might say the highlight of her career thus far was when she sang "My Heart Will Go On" at her grandparents' wedding anniversary.  She was 5 and had yet to develop a sense of shame.

One time Tony Shaloub saw her in a show and told her she was very funny. It is the only review she has received and, arguably, the only one she will ever need.

Outside of acting, you can find Hannah being an unapologetic maximalist, stooping/thrifting antiques for her apartment (her roommates are very forgiving), doing archery, and telling anyone who will listen all about craft beer (in excruciating detail).


What's good and new?

Developmental workshop of Plaster Saint by Aditya Lal Chadha -

Columbia University - December, 2023

Murder, We Spoke (Audio Drama) by Rachel Bykowski -


World Premiere of Magical Thinking by Yu-Li Alice Shen -

Bristol Valley Theater - June 2023

2010 - present
2010 - present
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